What I am really grateful for…

To set the ball rolling, I thought I would list down some of the things that I am really grateful for in my life:

1. I am healthy. I have had a little bit of health scares in the past few years (Bell’s Palsy, half of my thyroid had to be removed, known hep-B carrier for almost 20 years now) but I am generally healthy and sleeps well at night! So thanks to this, I am able to enjoy life and have a good quality of life.

2. I have a really loving husband, who is also a fantastic and doting father to my boys. A few women actually told me this before, that they really like the way my husband of 15 years look at me. There are times that I really take him for granted, and just expected him to be the superman for everything. I promise to do better! He is my cheerleader and also my BFF.

3. I have 4 healthy and well-mannered boys. Of course I wish they could be a little more disciplined when it comes to their school work, I am very grateful for them to be healthy, helpful and an obvious strong brotherly love between them. Of course they squabble and fight, especially between the two older ones. But as things go, I know I have to count my lucky stars and I believe they will look after each other well.

4. good extended families – CN Dad, Michelle, and Charity and my family in Taiwan. Though honestly I am finding it harder to communicate with my taipei side family, (there is after all a very distinct cultural difference in the way I think now vs the way they think now) I know I can share honestly how I feel about things with my cousins without them judging me, nor I judge them.

5. our first biz worked out well, (well, very well if I may say…) so that I can have the luxury of my current wondering life.

6. good friends. though not in touch a lot, i know they care for me and will be there to drink and cry with me. Also thankful for my EO spousal forum mates. Not the best friends, but they are there to listen to my confessions and offer their perspectives and advice. I am also grateful for the bonds we have formed over the past two years.

7. my mom – she really sacrificed at least 3 decades of her life to look after her two children. She definitely had her marital issues and very warped world views, but without her, I can’t be who I am today, nor could I have achieved what I have achieved today.

8. my roof over my head, and generally the resources we have in our lives now. Well, I can’t even bring myself to book a staycation nowadays as I can’t find hotels more comfortable or prettier than my own home!!

9. I am not fat. I am above average looking. I eat well. I have no allergies, so I can enjoy all kinds of food. I have legs and arms and I generally am sane most of the time.

10. I am living in Singapore – no natural disasters and generally safe if we don’t do silly things to endanger ourselves.

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