pause to take note

Sitting at legian cafe. After breakfast. A quick recap of past few days + what I think I am going to do starting now.

Past few days:

1) kai O level graduation. It’s a milestone for him and also for DS and me. We are proud parents of a O level grad! Despite Kang being older, somehow no technical milestone from him to make me feel “aging”

2) thinking of kang… we got busted by him and his new (1st!) gf when Kun kuan and me tried to spy on them at serene centre McDonald’s.

We got to Bali yesterday. Some reflections and learnings from recent weeks.

1) learning of Ikigai:

Do something u enjoy and you are good at, so that you contribute and get rewarded for.

2) half time by bob Buford:

a) God will not ask you to contribute what u r not good at; or drop everythign u have to start anew at half way point. That would be illogical – why give what you are not good at?

b) what’s the one thing in my box that I centre myself on?

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