About me

This blog is to note down my rambling thoughts – as a start up mentor, investor, advisor, or as an entrepreneur of 14 years, as a woman leader hoping to help more women succeed in the business jungle, or even just as a mother of four trying hard not to become a tiger mom.

My name is Shao-Ning. I am at Phase II of my life.

I used to run a dot.com start up for 14 years. I built it up as a fresh graduate, sold it when we grew to cover 3 countries, with ~150 staff. Now I am an angel, and I actively advise start ups.

I am also a mother of 4 boys, and wife to a very loving man. My husband is also my business partner for 14 years. We are now working on our next business together, AngelCentral. The goal is to bridge good angels with good startups in SEA.

I strongly believe it’s important that we recognise that we are privileged – living in the first world country, no worry of food or water, no riots, good education, pretty low crime rates come to think of it. It’s important that we acknowledge and recognise what we enjoy and take for granted, contribute and pay it forward, in whatever ways we can.

Life as an entrepreneur / a business founder is stressful, intense and extremely demanding. In comparison, life as a semi-retired is carefree, and honestly kinda bland. I try very hard to make myself useful while not taking myself too seriously. Though I can’t help feeling like a by-stander and the lack of challenge at times.

I have started this blog to journal my thoughts (as a mom, an investor, a business owner, an employer, and most importantly, a WOMAN!) share some learnings, and to TRY to appreciate all things life is about.

Reach me on LinkedIn to share your views.

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